Otiger Ltd is Estonian company who is producing special solutions for production technology equipment and production tools for food industry companies. We design and produce equipment following all standards and requirements to ensure work safety. We have long-term experience in producing and maintaining food industry equipment. In our team we have specialists who have experience in food industry and offer solutions with the best quality.

  • Quality and trustworthiness is of the highest importance to us.

  • 10 years experience in designing and producing equipment for food industry.

  • Qualified engineers and specialists;

  • Latest 3D CAD mechanical engineering and product design software SolidWorks;

  • Flexible, trustworthy and conscientious partner.


Our vision is to become a well-known and recognised bakery industry equipment production company in Northern and Eastern Europe.


Our mission is to be innovative, competent and flexible partner to our customers offering most suitable technical solutions as well as providing high-quality final results in an effective co-operation manner.

Our values:

Quality – design service we offer is compatible with Estonian legislations and standards set by our company. By searching the best solutions we reach the result what satisfies both our customers and ourselves.

Trustworthiness – for us trustworthiness means foremost keeping the promises, agreements and project deadlines. Customer must feel that his/her project is unique and he/she always wants to continue co-operation with us.

Professionalism – from our opinion professionalism reflects in attitudes and actions. It does not represent merely the knowledge how to accomplish something, but also the willingness to learn and absorb new and innovative ideas, to make good team work and solve successfully complicated situations. Professionalism stands also for our skills, what enable us to solve the task in hand in best possible way.


Original Technical Innovation & Guaranteed Excellent Result